Summer is here and with the summer heat, places opening up a bit more, and vacations on the horizon, you might be feeling the need for a change with a new look. This summer there are a lot of trending hair colors and highlights that’ll have you feeling the summer vibe! We’ve put together a few of our favorites trends we’re seeing this summer to help you get into the spirit of summer fun.


Done with winter already? While you have a bit longer to go until those spring flowers start blooming, you can still enjoy the trending winter hair colors that are heating up the colder months and into the spring season. At Special FX Salon, our stylists are always combing the fashion sites for trending hair colors and coloring techniques to make your hair look amazing.

Caramel Glaze....

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Q: Why should I consider hair extensions

Hair extensions are an incredible way to achieve length and/or fullness - and the best part is that the results are immediate! Guests with thinning hair and even short hair can benefit from extensions.

Q: What extensions do you offer?

  • Micropoint Extensions
  • For clients with thinning hair and male pattern...