Waxing Hair Removal Services
There are number of hair removal methods available to meet the varying needs of men and women burdened with unwanted hair. Shaving and depilatory products are inexpensive but the unwanted hair grows back in a matter of days. For those seeking longer term results, laser hair removal and waxing is a good option. However, laser hair removal is an expensive service, and most men and women must undergo the procedure several times to removal all unwanted hair. For those seeking longer term, but more moderately priced methods of hair removal, waxing is an excellent option. For men and women seeking waxing hair removal services, our salon in San Jose, California employs professional hair removal technicians for Saratoga, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill, and surrounding communities in the south Bay Area.

Hair removal through waxing helps reduce your hair growth over time and actually makes the hair softer and thinner for a longer period of time. At Special FX Salon & Day Spa, we use a gentle, up-to-date method using warm liquid wax to comfortably remove unwanted hair. All of our waxing ingredients are 100 percent natural to protect your skin and leave it feeling smooth and pleasant. We offer waxing hair removal services for the face and body. To schedule an appointment for waxing hair removal services at our salon in San Jose, California, book a time online or call us at (408) 265-4505.

Waxing Hair Removal Services
For your convenience, we have provided a breakdown of waxing hair removal prices by area of face and body.

Facial Waxing Prices

Full Face 48

Eyebrow Upkeep 20 - 25

Eyebrow Design 25 - 27

Eyebrow Tweezing 22

Chin, Lip, Sideburns 17

Body Waxing Prices

Full Leg with Bikini 99 - 103

1/2 Leg with Bikini 68 - 72

Bikini Upkeep 34 - 38

New Bikini $48 - 52

Brazilian $69 - 73

Underarm 37 - 42

Back or Chest Waxing for Men 44 & UP

Arms 39 & UP

1/2 Leg - Upper or Lower 43

Full Leg (both legs) starting at 73

If you would like to undergo waxing hair removal at our salon in San Jose, California, contact us today. Serving residents in Morgan Hill, Saratoga, and Los Gatos, we are the south Bay Area’s choice for waxing hair removal and other day spa services.





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